StunGun Flashlight
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Stun Gun Flashlight

Our Quality Tactical Stun Gun Flashlight is Made Of Metal
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We proudly provide a quality product at wholesale prices for personal protection.

It's like having a Power Plant in your pocket!

 Our secret to keeping the cost down? Buying in bulk and selling high volume. We understand that people need a reliable source for a product they can trust. So we have built this company to remove the obscene markups most companies enjoy in collusion with online retailers. Many companies offer the EXACT same Stun Gun Flashlight under different brand names at inflated prices. It is our mission to pass the savings onto our clients, we are able to provide savings since we sell high volume.

  We proudly offer you a superior product for personal protection. Since the first patented Stun Gun version in the late 1800's by an inventor by the name of John Burton, Stun Guns have come a long way. Many shapes, sizes, colors & voltage have been introduced and are available for sale to Military & Police and to the Public. 

   This is the year 2014. It seems about time, that earlier model Stun Guns made out of cheap plastic & bulky designs are outdated. A new range of multipurpose Tactical Stun Gun Flashlights made out of rugged Aluminum Alloy are now available.

   Our company specializes in one particular model, the "Pocket Power Plant-223", simply because you can rely on the "Pocket Power Plant-223" to protect Yourself, Family & Friends in times of need.


Benefits Of Owning Our Stun Gun Flashlight:
  • 7,500,000 Volts.
  • Stun Gun Flashlight Tactical Crown, allows you to use as a Window Breaker & subdue an attacker with striking force.
  • 160 lumen Stun Gun Flashlight, enough power to BLIND attacker.
  • Unlike most online Stun Guns offered our Stun Gun Flashlight is made with Durable Aluminum Alloy frame.
  • Stun Gun Flashlight is for incapacitating an attacker by administering Electric Shock aimed at disrupting superficial muscle functions.
  • 7,500,000 Volts will penetrate the thickest jackets and clothing.